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I'm Jessie! 

I'm a 28 year old Cornish gal who found love in North Devon and ventured over the border back in 2019 after a stint of solo backpacking and leaving my busy life in London behind me. Being from Cornwall originally but having ventured over the border into Devon means I get no end of stick from my loving friends but it is absolutely worth every single roast!

Having lived in London for five-ish years working as a Producer in advertising agencies I decided to give that all up and head off travelling around Australia and Indonesia on my own before coming back and settling here on the coast. Life is pretty bloody good here and if I’m not covering things in resin, I’m usually found going for cold dips with my pals, drinking wine/eating pasta portions fit for a family of five, going off on adventures in our beloved van Nessa, or awkwardly approaching strangers dogs on the beach for a cuddle.

My resin addiction came about as a hobby to keep myself sane in lockdown 2.0 back in November 2020 and has fast become something I lie in bed thinking about late into the night (I wish I was joking). It’s inspired by the walks on the beach, the sunrise swims, and the memories I have of places I’ve visited on my travels. I pour a bit of myself and a memory of a place into each piece and feel very VERY lucky that I have received all this support along the way. Every person who has posted a picture or shared something of mine to their story I want to cover in snogs because I feel very very fortunate to have found a medium that not only I love, but that other people seem to love too. 

Thank you for support - thank you for taking the time to visit my new website - thank you thank you thank you.

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